Studio 54 East at AmCham Spring Ball

 The most vintage party is going to fall on the evening of May 26 at LN Garden Hotel in Guangzhou! Theming Studio 54, New York’s most extravagant and luxury nightlife in 1970s, AmCham’s Spring Ball 2018 isn’t exactly the heady party Studio 54 once makes. But it leaves even more to be desired, wild night, high-profile guests, gorgeous dancing floors, and more importantly is a gala where everyone actually become the actor of a fairy tale and give you a peek at how it is made inside.


Getting into Studio 54 in the 1970s was a nearly impossible endeavor. This spring the chance provided by AmCham is readily available! Join us and Win from lucky draws worth more than US$200,000, including business round trip air tickets, Hotel Presidential Suites, luxury watches, fine wines, and more!