Forum Agenda


* 8:30 - 9:10 Registration

Opening remarks

Keynote speech: The rise and impact of Earned Media

Keynote speech: China's stories, a global audience

Keynote speech: Fundamental changes to communications content following the wide adoption of new technologies

Keynote speech: The power of revolution: A new search paradigm

Keynote speech: The future of international branding

Keynote speech: Case study: The best communications worldwide


Parallel Session One

Overseas communications

Keynote speech: Where are you going when you navigate the wide, open seas? What Chinese firms need to know when communicating overseas

Keynote speech: The reef and the lighthouse: International media trends and opportunities for corporate communications

Keynote speech: What do you do when you reach the other shore? Best practices for Chinese firms when engaging in overseas communications

Keynote speech: Listen to the data: Trends and best practices when collecting global business intelligence via media monitoring

Roundtable: From exploration to action: What to do when "going out"

Roundtable: How to get them to listen: The creation and dissemination of multi-cultural, cross-platform corporate content

Parallel Session Two

Media trends (by invitation only)

* 8:30 am - 9:10 am Registration

Keynote speech: The impact of technology on the work habits and news preferences of content creators

Keynote speech: Observations on development trends in the media content industry

Roundtable: Media content pattern in the future

Roundtable: New Perspectives of content communications, how to tell a good story?

Roundtable: The rise of opinion leaders

Guest speakers

Yujie Chen

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at PR Newswire

Dagang Feng

President at 36Kr

Feng Wang

Editor-in-Chief at FT China

Qing Cao

General Manager, China at Ogilvy & Mather Global

Tian Xie

General Manager of Baidu Search Ecosystem

Tianyi Li

Director of Overseas Communications at PR Newswire

Arun Sudhaman

CEO and Editor-in-Chief of The Holmes Report

Ryan Woo

Beijing Bureau Chief, Reuters

Liu Yue

Editor-in-Chief for Greater China at Bloomberg LP

Nan Nan

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at ofo

Jiapeng Wang

Editorial Board at Caixin, Senior Director of Operations at

Jing Li

Director of Business Development at PR Newswire

Nicky Szmala

Senior Marketing Manager at Lenovo Group

Yan Zhu

Editor-in-Chief at

Long Chen

General Manager at Guru China

John Artman

Editor-in-Chief for English content at TechNode

Guowei Li

President at VisionWe

Koki Yamada

General Manager of Eisai China

Wei Wang

Deputy Editor-in-Chief at

Shengnan Liu

Chief Executive Editor for All News at Tencent News

Gang Lu

Chief Executive Officer at and Head of TechCrunch China

Binglu Liu

Chief Executive Officer of Boya Media Group

Congyu Zhu

President at Kongfu Finance

Xiaolin Liu

Head of Audience Development for China at PR Newswire

Jianping Lei

Founder of Touchweb

Chunxia Huang

Media PR Director at Guoan Community

Elliott Zaagman

Corporate trainer and Columnist for

Zhimin Huang

Chief Executive Officer at DataWorks

Jin Yang

Vice President and Editor-in-Chief at TMTPost

Yuefei Pan

Founder of ZN Finance

Yuanpu Huang

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of

Miao Yang

Founder of Youwen Jizhe Zhijia

Lian Meng

Public Relations Director at Monsanto China

Fan Yuelong

Director of Market Strategy at Accenture

Liu Ying

Public Relations Director at Nestlé China

Forum Highlights

12 topic-specific keynote speeches and 5 round-table discussions
35+ domestic and international veteran media and corporate communications professionals who will share their expertise in closed-door sessions throughout the day

1,000+ professionals among the invitees, including:
600+ branding, marketing and public relations managers from multinational corporations and state-owned enterprises as well as privately-held, publicly listed and innovative companies
400+ content creators from mainstream, vertical and foreign media organizations as well as KOLs from the blogging community.

The print and online versions of the 2017 annual report that provides an in-depth overview of how Chinese firms handle and should handle their overseas communications will be released during the event

The print/online/iOS/Android versions of the 2018 News PR Calendar will be released at the same time

An in-depth interpretation of the report 2017 Journalists' Working Status and News Gathering Habits in China will be provided at the event.

About the Forum


“How to enhance the level of influence or impact” is a topic of concern for all communicators worldwide. However, it’s difficult for communicators to measure the real level of influence amid massive amounts of communications data. Today, with the rapid development of the media industry, the influence of content creators can be expanded rapidly through the addition of more communications channels, while influencers are becoming increasingly important to corporate communicators. How should we redefine the impact of communications in light of changes within the industry? How does one create influential content for corporate communications? How does one evaluate the level of influence of communications? These subjects will be key topics at this forum, while the latest best practices and in-depth observations will be released by authoritative international and domestic media organizations, corporate communicators and industry experts.


PR Newswire’s Corporate Communications Forum will focus on enhancing companies’ understanding of news-oriented and newsworthy content communications and promote business communications between the media and corporate public relations professionals. It will also provide a forum for industry experts to highlight trends and share their insights on how corporations can ensure that they receive more comprehensive coverage, create more innovative content that tells a better story, and attract the audience’s attention amid many homogenized platforms while measuring the real influence and obtaining meaningful audience feedback amid massive amounts of communications data.

PR Newswire, along with media and corporate PR communicators, will explore the direction of development across today’s corporate communications sector, discuss current opportunities and challenges facing the sector, as well as analyze the state of content production, communications channels, platform applications and the technical means behind key communications events. In addition, it will take a close look at the trend towards future media convergence, as well as the forces driving content and technological innovation.


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Getting there

Time: 9 am - 6 pm, December 7

Address:Grand Millennium Hotel Beijing, 7 East 3rd Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing






Subway:Line 10,Jintaixizhao(Exit A)