Presented annually since 2013, PR Newswire’s New Communications Award highlights the best communicators and innovators in the Chinese communications industry, with the aim of enhancing understanding and the adoption of quality content-oriented communications among companies, organizations and the media. This helps companies to improve the quality of their content and win more communications opportunities through the use new and evolving media channels. By modeling their efforts on Award winners, companies can expect to provide more quality content for the media and meet the increasingly high expectations of audiences for compelling, newsworthy content.


The awards this year include new communications and overseas communications awards.

  • New Communications Awards
    • Outstanding Communications Award
    • Best Communications Content Award
    • Best Audio-visual Award
    • Innovative Communications Award
    • Technology-driven Communications Award
    • Brand Communications Award
    • ESG Communications Award
    • Annual Award for Chinese Brand’s Global Influence
  • Overseas Communications Awards
    • Overseas Communications Awards
    • Overseas Rising Award
    • Best Original Content Award
    • One Belt, One Road Communications Award
    • Global Brand Development Award
    • Global Communications Content Award
    • Global Contribution Award for China Brand Communications
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