Crown World Mobility荣获2018年最佳人力资源供应商评比两项金奖

Crown World Mobility在2018年度最佳人力资源供应商奖(HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2018)评比中获得两项金奖,并被评为香港地区的“最佳搬迁公司”与“ 最佳安居及咨询顾问”。

香港2018年12月3日电 /美通社/ -- Crown World Mobility 在2018年度最佳人力资源供应商奖 (HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2018) 评比中获得两项金奖,并被评为香港地区的“最佳搬迁公司”(Best Relocation Company) 与“最佳安居及咨询顾问”(Best Mobility & Orientation Consultant)。

Crown World Mobility在2018年度最佳人力资源供应商奖评比中获得两项金奖
Crown World Mobility在2018年度最佳人力资源供应商奖评比中获得两项金奖

除此之外,Crown 马来西亚和 Crown 新加坡分别在2018年度最佳人力资源供应商奖评比中获得了三金一铜。

Crown World Mobility 负责销售和客户管理的亚太区区域总监帕特里克-格罗斯 (Patrick Groth) 表示:“很荣幸能够获得这些奖项。我为我们在亞太区的非凡团队感到无比骄傲。这些奖项是对 Crown 所有人员持续致力于为客户提供最佳迁移解决方案的证明。”

Crown World Mobility 亚太区客户管理总监凯特琳-佩伊特 (Caitlin Pyett) 说道:“连续第四年在香港地区赢得两项金奖表明了 Crown 继续致力于提供非凡服务,为客户的多元化需求提供真正支持的坚定承诺。我们仍将专注于以客户服务为公司核心的传统。”


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Crown World Mobility

Crown World Mobility ( is a division of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Crown World Mobility helps corporations manage global talent and talented individuals perform on the global stage. In a world that seems to be constantly shrinking, managing a globally mobile workforce creates challenges for any organization. These challenges are human in scale -- global assignments involve the everyday lives of transferees and their families.  But there are policies to navigate, formalities to coordinate and legalities to adhere to -- at the same time as concentrating on a new assignment and getting a job done. Crown's approach is to work with all stakeholders to find the right solution, implementing a global mobility program that is successful for the whole organization. This often means finding a unique solution, which Crown has the experience and capability to deliver.

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