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The 5th CBBC China Outbound Conference

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Conference Themes



Investment Opportunities in High-tech and New Technologies

 •Status quo and trends of the UK’s advanced technology sectors

Investment opportunities in electronic information, new energy, new materials, AI and VR

The UK’s experience in commercialisation of new technology

How Chinese investors can seize  these new opportunities



Financial Service Industries



Strengths of UK financial services industry

Collaboration between China and the UK in this sector

Impact of Brexit on the financial services industry

Opportunities in the financial services industry and fintech in the UK



Life Sciences and Healthcare

 •Best practice sharing in the healthcare from the UK

Showcase of leading life sciences technology in the UK

Investment opportunities in health industry

Application of AI and big data in healthcare sectors



Consumption and Creative Industries

  •Overview of UK’s creative industries

Case studies of collaboration between the two countries

The rising Chinese middle class consumers

Chinese acquisition of British retail brands




Hong Kong’s Role in Chinese Outbound Investment

 •Important role HK plays in Chinese Outbound Investment

HK as a financing platform for Chinese cross border transactions

Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative

The Greater Bay Area integration



Intelligent Manufacturing

 •UK’s strengths and opportunities in intelligent manufacturing

Chinese investment in this sector

Made in China 2025 and UK Manufacturing 2050

3D printing, Robotics and Intelligent machinery



Project Pitches: Project Owners/FPS Meeting with Investors •One to one match-making between UK project owners and Chinese investors

Advisory sessions for investors by financial and professional service providers



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