Yili Chosen as the Official Dairy Partner of the G20 Summit

BALI, Indonesia, Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2022 G20 Summit is being held in Bali, Indonesia, on November 15 and 16, with the theme "Recover Together, Recover Stronger". Yili Group has been named the G20 Summit's dairy partner. Joyday ice cream, produced by PT Yili Indonesia Dairy, will be offered in various refreshing flavors to participants from all over the world.

Edi Prio Pambudi, Indonesia's G20 Co-Sherpa and Deputy Minister for International Economic Cooperation at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, highly recognized Yili's active support for the event, "Public health is a key focus of this year's summit. Yili's high-quality, healthy dairy products help us to live healthier and stronger lives, which is closely aligned with the summit's theme of 'Recover Together, Recover Stronger'. The collaboration between Yili and the G20 Summit is impactful and we look forward to continued partnership."

Pan Gang, Chairman and President of Yili Group said, "Global development requires global synergy. As the dairy partner for the G20 Summit, Yili will continue to share healthy products with the world, encourage healthy lifestyles, support green and sustainable development, and contribute to global economic development."

Building a healthier world

Yili has stepped up efforts to go global in recent years. Yili Indonesia Dairy Production Base is an innovative, digital production base equipped with cutting-edge technology. The planned daily production of the first phase of the project is 159 tons of ice cream products.

Yili Indonesia Dairy has been engaging in resource coordination and sharing with other subsidiaries of Yili across the globe.

Boosting sustainability

Yili is committed to helping local communities build a sustainable society, economy and environment as part of its overseas operations.

"Environmental protection and low-carbon development have been our priorities from the very beginning. Our goal is not only to be a well-recognized dairy producer but also to be an advocate for green and low-carbon practices in Indonesia," said the Head of Yili Indonesia Dairy.

Yili Indonesia Dairy has built a local wastewater treatment system with a daily treatment capacity of 2,800 tons. Energy-saving and emissions-reducing technology have also been utilized to build this green, smart facility.

In addition, Yili has carried out 14 assistance programs to help Indonesia to fight the Covid-19 pandemic and other crises. This year, Yili is working with the G20 Committee to support coral reef conservation in Komodo National Park.

Pursuing localized operations

In the process of localizing operations, Yili is also dedicated to identifying and nurturing local talent. Today, Yili Indonesia Dairy has a total of 728 employees, with more than 97% local workforce. It has established partnerships with over 100 high-quality suppliers locally.

In addition, Yili has worked with Indonesia's Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs to launch a supply chain partnership program. Support measures ranging from policy incentives and technology services to industrial chain collaboration and management empowerment have been introduced to enable the healthy, sustainable development of Yili's local partners.