Jin Jiang Hotels Inspires Conventional Tourism Development at 10th China Flower Expo

SHANGHAI, June 10, 2021/PRNewswire/ -- With the opening of the 10th China Flower Expo on Shanghai's Chongming Island, Jin Jiang Hotels China Region is bringing its "Huabo Tribe Jin Jiang Experience Camp" to the public.

As the expo's official hotel group partner, Jin Jiang Hotels China Region with its five hotel brands including Golden Tulip, Vienna International Hotel, Campanile, Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, and 7 Days provide an exceptional travel experience with 500 rooms and 1000 beds for visitors to Chongming Island. Visitors can choose various options from upscale and boutique accommodation to economy rooms during the expo.

Situated in the center of Chongming Island, the 10th China Flower Expo, from May 21 to July 2, is celebrating the creative blossoming of flowers, embracing low-carbon and sustainable development in this international metropolis. This year the Expo is expected to receive more than three million visitors.

The launch of Huabo Tribe Jin Jiang Experience Camp marks Jin Jiang Hotels China Region's first entry of hotel clustering to conventional tourism. The strong cooperation with China Flower Expo is also a milestone for Jin Jiang Hotels as Asia's largest hospitality company to further integrate the hotel industry into the overall strategic urban development plan.

The accommodation solution is Jin Jiang's commitment to echoing the Shanghai government's strategy of restoring Chongming Island's natural environment based on its flower market and industry chain with eco-friendly agricultural, leisure and tourism industries flocking to the country's third-largest island. Through concerted effort and a coordinated management team consisting of professionals across multiple hotel brands, Jin Jiang Hotels has applied a sustainable strategy to exhibition support services, ensuring the long-term development of the area.

The trend in recent years has been for hotel clusters to concentrate near exhibitions. Huabo Tribe Jin Jiang Experience Camp is an attempt to respond to market changes, enabling balanced but quick property deployment and management at affordable costs with advanced material application, assembly and furnishing in a limited space. The company will oversee the overall management of the Huabo Tribe Jin Jiang Experience Camp in the upcoming three years and make flexible decisions on establishing hotels based on operational performance. However, the newly introduced business model, which reflects the company's corporate social responsibility objectives, can efficiently serve urban development with resilient competitiveness.

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